Web Design and Development


Welcome to the Grace College Art program! A major in Web design and development will enable you to pursue a professional career that utilizes your artistic design and technology development skills. This major focuses on providing you a with a foundational understanding by integrating courses and competencies from both the Art Department and the Management of Information Systems Program.

Uniquely balanced, the purpose of this major is to provide both aspects of design and development. You will be capable of creating an aesthetically pleasing design as well as implementing your design through the development of a functional web product.

Dedicated to setting you up for success, the faculty serves to prepare you for the professional environment. Experienced in graphic design, web development and marketing management, they will guide you in understanding real world applications from a Biblical perspective.

Course Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. in Web Design and Development


Examples of courses in this major:

ART 2500 Computer Graphics: Design I

This computer laboratory art course introduces tools and techniques for digital-based imaging and editing. Utilizing Adobe software, this course focuses on the development of visual design skills through digital photo manipulation and technical processes.

ART 2550 Computer Graphics: Design II

A computer laboratory course that introduces software utilized for visual communication design. Focusing on project-based page design and layout, students will examine typography, brand standards and the process of critique. Approaches to print, web and presentation page design will be explored.

ISM 2150 Object-Oriented Computer Programming

This course builds on the concepts learned in ISM1150. Students will use an object-oriented programming language to build programs that solve given problems.

ISM 2700 HTML and Web Development

This course will focus on the creation, modification and implementation of Web pages using HTML and CSS. Coverage will also include some JavaScript and the Document Object Model. At successful completion of the course, the student will be able to design, build and implement Web sites.

ISM 4110 Client-Side Programming

Students will synthesize topics from a number of previous courses while focusing on the creation and implementation of browser-based client-side applications. The focus of the course will be manipulation of the document object model using a client-side scripting language.