Interested in living off-campus?

Off-campus requirements may shift from year to year depending on available residence hall space. To live off campus students must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in less than 12 hours.
  • Be living with an immediate family member (i.e. father, mother, grandparent, brother/sister over the age of 22, or aunt/uncle).
  • Would like to establish residency in the area due to intent to marry at the end of this semester.
  • An international student or parents are living overseas.
  • Completed 3 full years of college and 22 years old during the semester in which applying for off campus status.
  • Have completed 120 credit hours or 8 total semesters in a dorm and are in good standing. (Good standing includes both academic competence and the demonstration of moral character).
  • Other. (Examples: December Graduate, Health Issues, Internship, Study Abroad, etc.)

Apply for off-campus residence by downloading the application.

Off-Campus Application

Once complete, please return to the Student Affairs Office.
Deadline to apply: Fall Semester — April 1, Spring Semester — November 1


Email John Sloat, Commuter Director or call 574-372-5100, ext. 6494.