Planned Giving

Planned Giving

  • Do you have estate planning questions?
  • Are you concerned about estate taxes?
  • Do you wish to provide for your family members?
  • Are you concerned about protecting certain assets? Do you wish to leave a legacy?

Grace College and Seminary can help you sort through all the options, from the basic steps to the most complex estate planning tools. To get started, talk to your financial management representative or contact the Director of Planned Giving, Greg Weimer.

Stories and Strategies

Each family is special and unique. Estate plans must be tailored to fit your specific situation.

Learn how these individuals used various planned giving tools to shape their long-term and short-term estate strategies.

Consider No-Cost Estate Plan Review

Is your estate plan fail-safe? Has your financial situation, interests, or personal circumstances changed since your plan was completed? If you would like to have your estate plan reviewed at no cost to make sure it is still best for you, your family, and your legacy, contact Greg Weimer.

Estate planning questions?

Email Greg Weimer or call toll-free 866-448-3472 ext. 6124.