Smith Academy for Excellence

Grace College Has Authorized Charter for Smith Academy for Excellence

Grace College authorized its first charter school, the Smith Academy for Excellence, which opened its doors in Fort Wayne in fall 2012.

The Grace College Board of Trustees approved a seven-year charter for the school on March 23, 2012, and the school founders formally signed the charter on March 26, 2012.

The Smith Academy for Excellence is the brainchild of former Wayne High School Principal Thomas Smith and his two sons, Corey and Cameron. The Smiths approached Grace to authorize the charter due to shared philosophies of education, as well as personal ties to the school – Corey received his B.S. in Elementary Education from Grace in 2004.

The academy, a boys-only preparatory-style school, has the potential to serve approximately 198 students in grades 4-10.  The Smiths plan for the school to eventually serve grades K-12. The Smiths saw an opportunity to serve Fort Wayne by offering an alternative education option that will focus on preparing students for college, forming students’ character, and emphasizing service learning.

Thomas Smith serves as the school’s chief administrator, with Cameron Smith serving as the chief operations officer, and Corey Smith as the chief academic officer.

The Smiths make the most of their support from Grace College, eventually placing student teachers in classrooms. Laurie Owen, Dean of the School of Education at Grace, is excited for the opportunity to work with the school on the ground level. “We are so thrilled with the Smiths’ vision for the school, and so grateful that they are allowing Grace to be a part of that. Eventually we’ll get our student teachers in those classrooms for some invaluable learning experiences for both their students and ours,” Owen said.

For further information please contact Professor Laurie Owen at 574-372-5100 ext. 6148.

To view the Smith Academy for Excellence website click here.

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