Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy


The Lord has called some people to provide spiritual support and guidance to individuals of special settings outside of the local church context.  Such ministers are often called chaplains.  Grace Seminary’s Master of Divinity—Chaplaincy Studies is designed to prepare students who feel called to such a ministry.  The degree will provide a solid biblical and theological underpinning as well as a balanced training of pastoral counseling skills and intercultural studies.  This will provide a solid foundational training that uniquely prepares individuals for ministry in military, hospital, sports, marketplace and prison settings.

Course Requirements for Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy


Examples of courses in this major:

CPY5050 Theological Foundations of Counseling

This course will examine the theological foundations as a basis for counseling, specifically as it pertains to personality, God’s design for proper functioning, what goes wrong, and possible solutions. Pertinent theological topics will also be discussed.

CPY5150 Marriage and Family Counseling

This course will examine the theoretical constructs inherent in proper functioning of both the marital relationship and for the family. Students will explore how the counselor can implement knowledge and skills necessary to aid in the mending of marriages and the restoration of proper family functioning. A major focus will be conflict resolution.

CPY5650 Addictions Counseling

This course will examine drug and alcohol counseling, other addictions, DSM-IV- TR criteria, the addictive process, and treatment issues.

MI5110 Understanding World Religions

In this course the belief systems of major religions are studied with a view to understanding why the tenets make sense and drive behavior for the adherents. How each religion affects the host culture and how the culture affects the religion will be explored. The inadequacies of each belief system will be discussed in light of the adequacy of Christianity, but an introductory understanding of biblical theology is assumed.

MI5050 Intercultural Ministry

This course is intended to provide students who are not in an intercultural ministry program with an understanding of the elements of culture and how they affect biblical ministry in intercultural and multicultural contexts. It is designed to help Christian workers become more effective in those contexts as their understanding permits them to shape their ministry to penetrate other cultures more deeply and, therefore, apply God’s Word more accurately.