Spring 2016 Semester

Jan. 6   Ian Ross - Grace College Student Chaplain

Jan. 7   Carlos Tellez - Grace College Dean of the Chapel

Jan. 8   Dick Angelo - Director, Camp Forest Springs, Westboro, Wisconsin

Jan. 13   Kurt Johnson

Jan. 14   Kurt Johnson

Jan. 15   Jon Rauch - Pastor, Grace Community Church, Goshen, Indiana

Jan. 20   Kyle Brenneman - Grace College Chapel Band Coordinator, Pastor at Christ's Covenant Church

Jan. 21   Dr. Todd Allen

Jan. 22   Carlos Tellez - Grace College Dean of the Chapel

Jan. 27   Student Led Worship

Jan. 28   Brenda Jank

Brenda is a visionary leader and champion of rest. An intensely personal journey into the rhythms of rest transformed into a professional passion in 1999, when Brenda established the Personal Retreat Ministry at Camp Lutherhaven, in northeast Indiana. Brenda has written for Leadership Journal, Focus on the Family, Discipleship Journal and many Christianity Today publications. She speaks to leaders and people of all ages, both nationally and internationally.  

Jan. 29   Rock LaGioia - Associate Professor of Pastoral Studies, Grace College

Feb. 3   Michael Cusick - see bio at

Feb. 4   Michael Cusick

Feb. 5   Michael Cusick

Feb. 10   Panel Discussion on Refugee Crisis

Feb. 11   Dave Arnold

Feb. 12   Sarah Thebarge - see bio at

Feb. 17    Paul Angone

Feb. 18    Paul Angone

Feb. 19    Career Fair

Feb. 24-25  NO CHAPEL

March 9    NO CHAPEL

March 10  Roger Peugh - Professor of World Mission, Grace College & Seminary

March 11  Chris Solyntjes - see bio at

March 16    NO CHAPEL

March 17   Student Seminars

March 18   Student Seminars

March 23    Day of Worship

March 24    Jeff Wilbarger - Founder and director of the Daughter Project, a nonprofit organization to support human trafficking survivors. 


March 30    Christopher Yuan - see bio at

March 31    Christopher Yuan

April 1        Christopher Yuan

April 6    Doreen Dodgen Magee - see bio at

April 7    Doreen Dodgen Magee

April 8    Sy Belohavek

April 13    Jason Holt/Urban Hope - Director of Urban Hope and has served in Philadelphia for 15 years.  

April 14    Jackie Hill Perry - see bio at

April 14    11:55 p.m.  Midnight Chapel (optional)

April 20   Dr. Bill Katip - PresidentGrace College & Seminary

April 21   Kondo Simfukwe - Pastor, Mission Point

April 22   Lecrae - see bio at

April 27   Awards Chapel

April 28   Carlos Tellez - Grace College Dean of the Chapel

April 29   End of Year Chapel