Master of Arts in Local Church Ministry


There are those interested in or involved in vocational ministry, yet pursuing a 90 hour M.Div. is impractical or not desired. The 48 hour Master of Arts in Local Church Ministry is a wonderful option! It includes theology and hermeneutics, spiritual formation and prayer, and a variety of practical ministry courses. The M.A. in Local Church Ministry offers a Women's Leadership and  Camp Administration concentration

The following types of students are encouraged to consider this program:

  1. Those already having had several years of vocational ministry experience who desire further theological study in order to be better prepared for the pastoral role.
  2. Students desiring additional theological study for their particular field of ministry.

This is a terminal degree program for those who do not plan to pursue a Doctor of Ministry degree in the future.

Course Requirements for Master of Arts in Local Church Ministry


Examples of courses in this major:

MI5050 Intercultural Ministry

This course is intended to provide students who are not in an intercultural ministry program with an understanding of the elements of culture and how they affect biblical ministry in intercultural and multicultural contexts. It is designed to help Christian workers become more effective in those contexts as their understanding permits them to shape their ministry to penetrate other cultures more deeply and, therefore, apply God’s Word more accurately.

PM5130 Philosophy of Ministry

This course seeks to promote appropriate ministry perspectives especially as applied to the local church in North America. Two main areas will receive attention: 

·  The attitudes and responsibilities of a servant leader of the local church

·  A philosophy of local church ministry. In addition, a variety of specific applications of New Testament ecclesiology are discusses and applied to contemporary life and ministry

PM6210 Expository Preaching and Teaching

This course combines both theory and practice. It introduces a functional methodology of organizing and developing the elements of a sermon. It examines issues of bridging exegesis and exposition as well as the application of biblical truth and the effective delivery to listeners. Approximately one-third of the course is devoted to a lab setting where lessons and sermons are videotaped and critiqued.

PM7000 Leadership in the Local Church

Through the use of reading and writing assignments, pastoral interviews, and a self-assessment and action plan paper, the following leadership topics will be covered: servant leadership, mentoring, visionary leadership, and leading as a change agent.

PM7210 Counseling in the Local Church

This course intends to consider many of the issues surrounding the ministry of helping people deal with personal problems within the local church setting.  The student will engage in reading, writing and discussion of selected issues related to the theory and practice of local church soul care and spiritual direction. During class, issues related to counseling expectations and practice, anthropological understandings, and specific personal problems will be addressed. Of the five specified values to which Grace Seminary is committed, this course seeks to accomplish growth in values 1, 3, 4, and 5.  There are no prerequisites for this course. Three credit hours.