Facility and Event Management


The management of events is crucial in society today. Events are used for business functions, social contacts, entertainment, sporting activities, family gatherings, and many other occasions. A well planned and managed event can be of tremendous advantage to corporations, groups, fund raising, community awareness, and personal accomplishment. Managing events and facilities takes a great deal of planning and organizing. The Facility and Event Management major will have opportunities for practical, applied learning experiences on and off campus working with major events, facilities, and organizations.

Coure Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. Facilities and Event Management


Examples of courses in this major:

SMT2320 – Facility Management

In this course the student will study the entire scope of facility management including facility planning, construction, budgeting, facility operations, and facility supervision.

SMT3060 – Event Management

This course is a practical approach to event management. Event planning, sponsorship, budgeting, management and evaluation will be emphasized. Events require a great deal of expertise and planning. Society demands that events be run professionally and efficiently.

BUS4220 – Biblical Basis of Business

This course examines the biblical treatment of relevant topics in business and economics. This examination provides a foundation for developing a framework for understanding business from a biblical perspective and for acting consistent with that understanding.

MKT3430 – Advertising & Promotion

This course examines the approach to developing advertising/promotion strategy; the theory and practices of advertising and promotion; the use of advertising as a creative process; evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising; and the role of advertising and promotion in our society. Emphasis is placed on the relationship advertising has within the overall marketing programs, as well as promotion mix, decision tools, and ethical consideration.