Campus Safety

Campus Safety Information

The Campus Safety Office is located on the lower level of Indiana Hall. The primary role of this department is to be a service for the Grace College campus. This is accomplished through observation, reports, documentation, and when necessary, taking such action as is deemed appropriate to promote safety of the Grace Community.

The Campus Safety Department is responsible for enforcing all campus traffic regulations, locking and unlocking all campus buildings, general campus patrolling, conducting fire drills, issuing tornado alerts, and investigating any incident reports.

Campus Safety Annual Report 2013-2014

  • General Safety Information

    Learn more about the general safety policies, procedures, and environment of Grace College.

  • Campus Safety Staff

    Get to know the people responsible for keeping Grace a safe place.

  • Campus Parking Map

    The best way to avoid a parking ticket is to park where you’re supposed to. Use this map to determine where you’re allowed to park.

  • Crime Statistics

    Grace is proud to be a part of a low-crime community. See for yourself by checking out the crime statistics for Grace College and Winona Lake.

  • Law Enforcement Links

    Grace is thankful for the men and women who serve our community as law enforcement officers. Learn more about how they serve our community.

If you have a police or medical emergency, dial 911.

All other campus related urgent messages and all non-emergency contact with local agencies must be directed through the Office of Campus Safety at 574-269-5344. Dial 9-269-5344 if calling from an on-campus telephone.