Spring 2015 Semester

Jan 7   Mike Shank - Grace College Student Body Chaplain

Jan 8   Carlos Tellez - Grace College Dean of the Chapel

Jan 9   Dick Angelo - President, Camp Forest Springs, Westboro, Wisconsin

Jan 14   Philip Bryant

Jan 15   Lonnie Anderson

Jan 16   Dr. Tiberius Rata - Grace College Assistant Dean of the School of Ministry Studies, Professor of Old Testament Studies

Jan 21   Trillia Newbell

Jan 22   Trillia Newbell

Jan 23   Trillia Newbell

Jan 28   Christopher Yuan

Jan 29   Christopher Yuan

Jan 30   Christopher Yuan

Feb 4   Student Led Worship

Feb 5   Kyle Brenneman - Grace College Chapel Band Coordinator, Pastor at Christ's Covenant Church, Winona Lake, Indiana

Feb 6   Tiler Reese

Feb 11   CD & Melody Fabien

Feb 12   CD & Melody Fabien

Feb 13   CD & Melody Fabien

Feb 18   Dr. Bill Katip - Grace College President

Feb 19   Dr. Matt Harmon - Grace College Professor of New Testament Studies

Feb 20   No Chapel

Feb 25-27  No Chapel 

Mar 11   Dr. Mark Soto - Grace College Professor of Theological Studies

Mar 12   Council for Exceptional Children

Mar 13   Council for Exceptional Children

Mar 18   No Chapel

Mar 19   Student Seminars

Mar 20   Student Seminars

Mar 25    Day of Worship

Mar 26    Tom Roy

Mar 27    Applied Learning Fair

Apr 1    Urban Hope

Apr 2    Urban Hope

Apr 3    No Chapel - Good Friday

Apr 8    Roger Peugh

Apr 9    Alicia Britt-Chole

Apr 10   Alicia Britt-Chole

As a young atheist, Alicia Britt Chole’s existence was dramatically interrupted by Jesus, "the God who pursues even those who deny Him.” Today, Alicia is an author and spiritual mentor who speaks nationally and internationally to leaders, pastors, professionals, college students, women, and churches. All who have heard her agree:

Alicia is an unusually disarming combination of realism and compassion, intellect and vulnerability, humor and art. She is the founder and CEO of onewholeworld, inc (whose mission is to provide substantial resources for the globally minded) and the co-founder of Leadership Investment Intensives (a 501c3 devoted to investing in the life and legacy of leaders). Additionally, along with her incredible husband (Dr. Barry Chole), Alicia designed Rivendell, a prayer retreat home in Branson, MO, which has been haven to thousands. 

Alicia has been in ministry since 1987. She holds a B.A. in Plan II pre-law, an M.A. in Education from UT-Austin, and is a doctoral student at George Fox University pursuing a DMIN in Spiritual Formation and Leadership (2015).

Apr 15    Dr. Jeff Gill

Apr 16    Jeff Bogue  - Senior Pastor of Grace Church, Norton, OH

Apr 17    Jeff Bogue

Apr 22    Pastor Jim Brown - Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church, Goshen, IN

Apr 23    Pastor Jim Brown

Optional Chapel - 11: 55 p.m. on April 23 - Pastor Jim Brown

Apr 24    No Chapel

Apr 29    Awards Chapel

Apr 30    Carlos Tellez - Grace College Dean of the Chapel

May 1     Year End Chapel

May 6    No Chapel