Doctor of Intercultural Studies

문화교류학 박사 Doctor of Intercultural Studies

48 Hour D.Ics

  • 그레이스 본교 필수4과목 4 Required courses in residence on GTS campus
  • ATS가 승인한 지역 선택 4과목 (혹은 학기중 그레이스 본교에서 마칠 수 있음) 4 Elective courses at ATS approved sites (can also be completed on GTS campus during semesters)
  • 온라인 강의 필수 2과목 2 Online required courses
  • 졸업 연구논문 1편 1 Professional research project

Students with MDiv equivalency, or degree from a non-accredited school have the option to take 12 (less or more) additional hours to be accepted into the 48 hour D.Ics. program.