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Our Purpose Statement

At Grace College, the Office of Student Affairs is committed to helping students mature spiritually and academically.

“Student Affairs exists to provide quality programs and services that promote student learning and engagement in spiritual formation, world view development and social responsibility.” 

Our Vision

"To lead students toward internal change manifested by growth in a deepening walk with God and loving service to others.”

Meet the Staff

Jim Swanson

Vice President of Student Affairs & Academic Services
Jim oversees the Department of Student Affairs, providing leadership to the staff as they seek to develop and nurture students in order to prepare them for the years ahead.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6473

Carlos Téllez

Dean of the Chapel and Global Initiatives
Carlos provides leadership and vision for the chapel experience. He also oversees the Global Initiatives programs which foster intercultural connections on campus and around the world.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6284

Kimberly Kim

Director of Global Initiatives
Kimberly provides leadership for all the programs related to Global Initiatives including, Go Encounter, Go Exchange, Go Study, the Cross-Cultural Field Experience and Mosaic.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6104

Aaron Crabtree

Dean of Students
Aaron oversees the Residence Life program and direction of student organizations and publications. Aaron is also the advisor to Student Senate.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6464

Jacqueline Schram

Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Coordinator of General Education
Jacqueline is responsible for teaching French and overseeing the language program. She also helps coordinate the Study Abroad Programs in Dijon and Paris.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6283

Sina Locke

Executive Assistant for the Vice President of Student Affairs
Sina is the executive assistant to Jim Swanson. She manages the Student Affairs Office and assists students and staff by providing information and answering questions.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6466

Joe Graham

Director of Student Health & Wellness
Dr. Graham is a licensed clinical psychologist. He received his master’s degree from Colorado Christian University and completed his doctoral work at the Adler School of Professional Psychology.  
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6531

Emily Brenneman

Resident Director for Indiana/Kent Halls
A graduate of Huntington University, Emily supervises Indiana Hall and Lamp Post Apartments.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6490

Peter Wolff

Resident Director for Beta/Perimeter Halls
Peter is a 2006 graduate of Grace College and supervises Beta.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6494

Janelle Ditmer

Resident Director for Westminster/Lamp Post Hall
A psychology graduate of Cedarville University, Janelle supervises Westminster.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6465

Ashley House

Resident Director for Alpha Hall
A recent Grace College graduate, Ashley supervises Alpha Hall.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6461

Kearstin Criswell

Student Activities Coordinator
Kearstin is a 2010 graduate of Huntington University.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6470

Craig Allebach

Chief of Campus Safety
Craig served as the Warsaw Chief of Police from 1988-1999 and as Captain of the Warsaw Police Department from 1999-2000. He is also an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Grace.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6483

Glenn Goldsmith

Assistant Director of Campus Safety/Off-Campus Coordinator
Glenn has been with Grace since 2002. He is the assistant director of campus safety and the off-campus coordinator.
Telephone: 574–372–5100 ext. 6484


Email Student Affairs or call 574-372-5100, ext. 6488.