OSI Philosophy

Industry Driven, Learner Centered,
Academically Focused

The Orthopaedic Scholar Institute emphasizes the outcome of higher education on learning and success in employment.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe the companies located in the Warsaw/Kosciusko County area will see this initiative as their preferred method to recruit new employees to their respective organizations. After evaluating the impact of this initiative within their organizations, we believe the companies will find increased retention, lower training costs, faster promotions, stronger problem-solving skills, and heightened leadership potential because of their contribution to this initiative.
  • We believe the companies can clearly describe the characteristics of model college graduates and, subsequently, how these graduates can meet their specialized employment needs. We believe that industry research and experience dictate the competencies that Grace College graduates must master to be preferred candidates for employment. Consequently, we continually strive to exceed the expectations of the companies as the customers in this initiative.
  • We believe that Orthopaedic Scholar Institute will produce the best, the brightest, the most prepared, and the most diligent graduates Grace College can offer the Warsaw/Kosciusko County area. These men and women experience a pathway of learning strategically and collaboratively designed by educational experts and industry leaders. This Institute represents a program for selected scholars that has expectations beyond those for a traditional baccalaureate degree. We believe OSI students are exceptionally prepared and predisposed to consider lifelong careers in this community. Along with the specific skills necessary for vocational employment, scholars are trained in liberal arts competencies that complement the industry-specific skills needed to produce the most effective employee.
  • We believe Grace College has put a system in place to capitalize on the unique local economic opportunities afforded graduates by the Community.  The Orthopaedic Scholar Institute provides students with an opportunity to meld liberal learning with marketplace learning and technology.

The critical formation, development, and maturation of the program builds on the ever-changing needs that companies identify as necessary to remain the leaders in the industry. Grace College remains flexible and adaptable in its delivery of this initiative as partners obtain new information and recognize the need for additional skills by graduates. Grace College has transitioned to a faith-based institution of exceptional liberal arts education coupled with a clear understanding of the skills graduates need to secure permanent employment in their chosen disciplines.