Clubs & Organizations

Student Government and Organizations

Student Government and Organizations promote learning, spiritual growth, and social responsibility at Grace by bringing students together for specific activities, causes, or interests. This includes a wide range of clubs and services—from Homecoming to ministry teams to academic clubs to intramural sports. Below you will find a brief explanation of the primary student organizations on campus.

  • Student Senate:

    Senate is comprised of elected student representatives from campus clubs, classes, and residence halls for the purpose of promoting campus unity, addressing relevant issues, and influencing change. Chaired by the Student Body President, Senate is the platform for communication between students and administration as together we seek to constantly improve the student experience at Grace.

  • Student Activities Board (SAB):

    SAB is an active group of event planners that facilitates activities to bring the campus together. Beyond simply having fun, we hope these activities assist students in building and deepening relationships. SAB thrives on the hard work of creative students who provide a diverse schedule of quality events to foster community as a service to the student body.

  • Student Publications:

    This is a multi-faceted arena. It includes 1) a student marketing team specifically geared to promote events on campus through a variety of media; 2) a bi-weekly paper (Sounding Board) that is professional in quality and that encourages equity in student expression; 3) a yearbook (Roots) that strives to capture the essence of the year, so that the memory of community is preserved.

  • Mosaic:

    Mosaic is a campus organization with a twofold purpose. First, it seeks to support intercultural Grace College students (i.e., missionary kids, military kids, international students, Third Culture Kids, etc) by providing opportunities to connect with other students of similar backgrounds. Second, it seeks to raise awareness and interest on Grace College campus for Global concerns and opportunities.

  • Grace Intramural Program (GIP):

    Our goal is to make this program available to all Grace students, so that they feel welcome to participate at any time. It is run in an efficient, energetic, fun, sportsmanlike, and God-honoring manner.

  • SERVE:

    The mission of SERVE is: “Transforming God-given passions into a lifestyle of service.” Serve is a completely student-lead ministry program providing opportunities for Grace students to come together in ministry teams to explore their dreams, talents, and passions to serve others.

  • Music at Grace:

    Don’t bury your talent just because you’ve moved on to college; learn more about the ways you can continue to grow as a musician or performer at Grace.