Chapel Reflects the Heart of God

Chapel reflects the heart of God and the heart of campus—a community of faith, grace and worship. Here we examine our lives to see how God has wired us, our passions, dreams and shortcomings. We frequently have authors, musicians and leading voices for global concerns like poverty, hunger, clean water, human trafficking, pornography and modern day slavery. Chapel services are planned and led by Grace College students and directed by Dean of the Chapel and Community Life.


Awakening, Equipping and Connecting

ChapelThe Grace experience would be incomplete without chapel. Chapel provides a chance for the Grace family to gather and experience Christ and His present work in the lives of frail humanity around the globe. Through chapel, students are encouraged to see past themselves to the greater story that God is writing. It’s an environment deliberately set aside to complement the classroom and residence hall experiences in awakening, equipping and connecting learner-leaders, who are seeking to make visible the redeeming work of Christ.


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