What It's Like Here

The Bible is filled with amazing grace stories.

Most involve ordinary people, from ordinary places, who follow God and do extraordinary things.

This is a place like that. Unassuming. Unpretentious. A rare, unexpected find. A place where the context for learning is as important as the content.

A place where who is teaching you is as important as what you’re being taught.

You’ll meet people still willing to indulge in cheerful sidewalk conversations. People who’ll listen to your story, live it with you, and love you as they find you.

You’ll find that a college education can be affordable—that you can even accelerate your degree, graduate in three years, and if you’re really ambitious, get a bachelor’s and master’s degree in four.

You’ll discover that worship goes much deeper than singing and swaying. We worship with our whole life, and at graduation, you’ll walk with more than just a degree. You’ll have a biblical worldview that will serve you without fail at the most pressing times in your personal and professional life.

This is where you can live your amazing grace story—where life will take an amazing course.